End of Season Thoughts

Obviously all of what I’m going to say is related to the privileged world of golf I live in. It goes without saying that the world has been through hell this year, and the most important thing for me in all of this is my family have remained safe and that is always the main priority. We’ve been lucky.

It was a disappointing year on the golf course. There’s no other way to say it. There’s certain things I have struggled with, but on the positive side I know what I need to work on and it’s nothing dramatic. Im looking to make marginal gains that will mean I can play at my best more regularly and convert more victories. This year, I feel like I should have won at the Honda Classic, in Portugal and Scotland. I left shots out there at those events. Those are the things I need to improve, and I’m glad I only have a few weeks until the new season starts in Abu Dhabi because I want to get going again.

Watching Fitz and Westy lift their trophies makes me hungry to get back at it and put my name on huge titles again. Hats off to the lads in Dubai today.

Fitz played great golf all week and what else is there to say about Lee John Westwood? Just one of the greatest European Tour players of all time. I was eight when he won his first Order of Merit!

Here’s to a much more positive 2021 for everyone. I have so much to look forward to next year. There are some huge targets for me to aim for, including the Olympics and The Ryder Cup.

I think anyone who has ever watched the Olympics has dreamed that it could be them one day. To be part of Team BGGB would be incredible. So would qualifying for Padraig’s Ryder Cup team. After Paris, I never want to miss another Ryder Cup again!

To achieve those things, and contend in the biggest tournaments around the world is going to take a lot of hard work and I am excited about that challenge. I have such a string team around me and we are all working towards one goal. They help me strive to get better every day.

Thank you all fo the support you give me. It’s very much appreciated and never taken for granted.

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